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Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve ignited my wanderlust! How do I sign up?
Great! We’ve made the sign up process quick and easy. Referencing your chosen journey — follow the simple step-by-step instructions on this;Sign up Link-BEST to reserve & sign up for your unforgettable journey.  Your reservation will be locked in upon receipt, followed by confirmation reiterating all particulars.


• Shouldn’t I be apprehensive or afraid to travel in Eastern Europe?
ABSOLUTELY not! In actuality, violent crime rates are far lower throughout Eastern Europe than in most of the U.S. Here’s some excellent reference material on this topic– focusing on what’s perceived to be the “dicier” parts of Eastern Europe;  Balkans: (still) Safer than you think


• How should I pack + what should I bring?
Here’s some concise info & advice on the subject;
Packing Advice–a VagaBlog


• Won’t the “language barriers” make things too difficult?
First of all — English proficiency levels have increased dramatically throughout Europe—especially amongst those under the age of 50. In urban areas, communication is rarely an obstacle. In some more rural areas, minor challenges in communications will be easily overcome employing a bit of charades. Rather than stressful, these episodes will usually result in enhancing the experience, and memories. Also, your (multilingual, by the way) guide/teacher might have an opportunity to demonstrate some interesting “communication techniques”!


• Could you provide some Trip Preparation Considerations?
a) Notify Bank Card companies about your travel. If not, most will likely decline transactions. Inquire as to foreign transaction fees. Make a separate note of foreign accessible customer service phone numbers.
b) Make copies of important travel documents/passport/drivers license/bank cards/reservations info in case you lose the originals.
c) Take care of any Medical/Dental/Vision Issues. Insure adequate RX supply. Check immunization advice.
d) Request Hold Mail service at your local post office
e) IF bringing a cell/smart phone-insure it’ll work overseas. If not, pursue options.
f) Arrange your travel & health insurance well prior to trip.
g) Refine your packing list to season/personal needs-have your things packed well (1+ week) prior to trip.
h) Notify desired family & friends of your itinerary—–roughly, of course.
i) Make notes of needed contact addresses/phone numbers/email, etc..
j) If inclined—arrangements for someone to periodically check your home.
k) Other considerations: trash pickup/house utilities/prepay bills, etc..


• What makes you different from the typical Euro Tour company?
a) VERY small groups (4 to 6 travelers) — affording personalized attention
b) Learn-by-doing instruction in the skills & ART of independent travel
c) Emphasis on “living the culture” of places visited–i.e. immersive travels
d) Numerous offerings and expertise in “less-touristy” spots within Central/Eastern Europe
e) Carefully hand-picked lodging & dining – All VagaBob Tested
f) Allowing for a high degree of flexibility during travels—opt in/opt out at any time – personalized options offered
g) 24/7 guiding services provided by a highly experienced guide
h) Bottom Line: a highly immersive & personalized journey for well less than the price of the typical impersonal large group tours

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